About EPIC

EPIC (Ex Police in Industry and Commerce) is the only business networking organisation exclusively for former police officers and police staff who, are leaving the service or having left the service, are intending to or have, either started their own business or entering the commercial sector.

Choosing with whom to do business can be a minefield. Most people do not know where to go, or who to trust and the last thing they want to do is pick someone at random with no prior knowledge of their reliability.

In order to inspire customer confidence, we ensure that all our members are vetted and are proud of our strapline of "Integrity Assured".

Our Membership

Membership is open to police officers and police staff from Home Office Forces and Government run Security and Investigation services who, on leaving become, or intend to become, engaged within business, industry or commerce.

EPIC has a growing membership whose ranks, when serving, ranged from Constable to Chief Constable and from general support staff to the highly specialist.

Many are self-employed, owning their own companies or providing consultancy services and others are leading practitioners in their fields and employed by major companies.

The current Patron is Sir Peter Fahy, QPM. Chief Constable Greater Manchester Police, (Retired)

Why use an EPIC Member?

Epic members have served with in a disciplined and highly professional organization in which they have had the opportunity to develop considerable and specialist skills to a high standard.

  • They bring to the commercial sector experience in a wide range of specialties and a highly professional approach delivered with discretion and integrity.
  • Many, having left the service, have either chosen to continue to expand on their existing expertise or embarked on gaining new and additional skills and knowledge.
  • EPIC does not just assume the integrity of the applicant but assures that only those who pass additional vetting in to their background including personal activities are permitted to join the association.
  • Engaging a member of EPIC can provide you with a far greater level of confidence in the qualities and abilities of them over other sources of expertise.

How do I become an EPIC member?

We welcome serving police officers and police staff who are due to retire or leave the service in the next 2 years or have retired or left the service (and can produce the relevant certificate of service).

All applicants must agree to our vetting process to assure their integrity both in their professional and personal lives.

Membership is also open to personnel from HM Government security and investigation services

Annual membership is currently only £96 (less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week!)

Benefits include:

  • Access to regional business networking seminars
  • Access to EPIC membership to develop business and networking opportunities
  • Access to professional advice to assist in developing your business
  • Public contact to your business from the EPIC website
  • Use of EPIC "Integrity Assured" logo on stationery and business websites

Click below to obtain a Membership Application pack via email

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